Provide your customers with product informations that matters autonomously and without an app

QRCoach Phygital Scan
QRCoach Phygital Scan


Provide your customers with product informations that matters autonomously and without an app


A QRCode at the heart of the customer experience

With just one high definition QRCode scan and without any application, your customers have access to all relevant product information even in the shop. You share professional video contents about the real use values of your products.
Fully customisable, these new PoS information contents significantly enrich the in-store customer experience.

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Une ILV/PLV entièrement phygitale

A fully phygital PoS information

An agile medium for your customers: phygitalisation can be implemented at the heart of your points of sale as well as within your online communications. Available physically via a flashable QRCode in the POS information directly in shop or online, the digital information on your products is accessible everywhere and at any time.

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Complete, reliable and useful information with editorialized product sheets validated by the brands. With the simple flash of a QRCode, your customers can complete their experience by accessing the technical characteristics of the products and consulting the essential use values of their items.

QRCoach, The ultimate phygital customer experience

The democratization of the QRCode offers ease of use accessible to all. Its ease of deployment is a unique opportunity to provide your customers with an immersive and enriched experience during their purchasing act. You engage your customers with reliable, useful and complete information that allows them to make their purchases with full knowledge and responsibility. Without any application, in POS or online, digital information is easily accessible everywhere and at any time by one simple QRCode.

QRCoach expérience client phygitale

Optimized and operational time-to-market

Deployment is quick and easy, with the only requirement being a support of the size you want. Available from a web page in your own brand, QRCoach delivers “mobile-first” videos and content to ensure the best customer experience.

of customers also say that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

Thanks to a continuously updated database, you can ensure that the information delivered to the customers is always up-to-date. At the same time, you can keep your customers informed of all your discount and refund offers in progress inside your shops.
Finally, during periods of heavy traffic, the product sheet will optimize customer relationship management by allowing the customer to collect the information necessary for his purchase independently, in order to trace an increasingly profitable customer journey.

A seamless and 100% phygital customer experience

Adopting a phygital strategy is a real performance lever for your business. This customer-centric approach promises to deliver the best customer experience to shoppers. Customers have access to both the opportunities offered by digital and the convenience of in-store commerce. The combination of in-store commerce and digital solutions makes your point of sale so much more attractive. This phygital offer is a real added value and contributes to a renewed shopping experience and makes it incomparable.
Thanks to QRCoach, the customer is the actor of his purchase and targets in an autonomous and fast way his search for information on the product he is interested in. This new phygital, simplified and seamless shopping experience sets you apart from the competition. It onboards the customer without the help of any salesperson on site!

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